COVID-19 Updates

As seen on our Home Page, we have several options to choose from when filing Complaints and submitting Answers: filing online, a public law library available on the second floor of the Courthouse, a drop-box on the northwest corner of the Courthouse, or filing in the clerk’s office with, or without, an appointment.

Keeping You Informed

Pike County Magistrate Court’s Public Health Guidelines

  1. Who shall be admitted to the courthouse and courtrooms:

Everyone who wishes to do business, or attend a court hearing,  in the Courthouse, with the following limited exceptions:

-Those who are exhibiting any symptoms such as shortness of breath, cough, chills, or respiratory problems and have no letter of clearance from a medical doctor; and

-Those who know they have been exposed to someone with any COVID virus or someone exhibiting the symptoms described above within the last 14 days.

2. How will public health guidelines be followed?

We are taking extra measures during these times:

a. Courthouse security may ask all persons entering the courthouse admission questions or, if either are obvious or answered in the affirmative, the person may be asked leave the building and to call the court clerk to make other arrangements. We have several options for your convenience. See our home page for options. For your safety, convenience and efficiency, call ahead to discuss options with our clerks at 770-567-2004. We encourage all who possess a mask covering the nose and mouth to wear them.

b. Notices and marked lines six (6) feet apart are posted in the hallway leading to the Magistrate Court Clerk’s office. Parties may call for appointments ahead of time, or call the clerks office for a call back when the line is clear;

c. Only one party at a time allowed in the Magistrate Clerk’s office. All others must wait in the hall at least 6’ apart (blue lines);

d. Court cases are staggered singularly throughout the day, with the next case participants waiting either in the larger courtroom, lobby, or by leaving a cell phone number and being called when needed.

Inside courtroom:

  a. Hand sanitizing stations should be placed in convenient locations;

b. All who possess masks will be asked to wear them;

c. Sit at least 3 chairs apart (exception: people living together);

d. The courtroom, table and chairs will be sprayed with disinfectant after the conclusion of each case.

3. What accommodations will be made for high risk individuals?

a. Permitting that person to participate via video hearing or video conference;

  b. Continuing the case as long as a plan to hold the same in a timely manner is submitted and approved.

4. How will court proceedings be scheduled?

a. Each case is assessed, a time estimated, and cases staggered according to estimated time needed. Each party shall submit with their filing an estimate of time needed and number of witnesses and exhibits they expect to present.

  b. Maximum number allowed in Courtroom: nine (9).

5. How will guidelines be posted so that notice is provided to litigants, lawyers, and the public?

a. Posting of Courthouse Guidelines by the door to the Magistrate Court; and

b. Posting of Courthouse Guidelines at

Other questions? Call Pike County Magistrate Court: 770-567-2004

COVID-19 continues to bring change, and for your convenience we hope to help you stay informed -but can’t guarantee that our information is the latest! Please help us stay informed as well; please let us know if you find more up-to-date information than we have here!

From the Governor