COVID-19 Updates

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As seen on our Home Page, we have several options to choose from when filing Complaints and submitting Answers: filing online, a public law library available on the second floor of the Courthouse, a drop-box on the northwest corner of the Courthouse, or filing in the clerk’s office with, or without, an appointment.

Keeping You Informed

Georgia Courts Reopening Guide

Judicial Council Strategic Plan Standing Committee

Click here to see the the Georgia Supreme Court’s five page Reopening Guide.

Pike County Magistrate Court’s Courtroom Guidelines

Click above title to view complete Order on Pike County Magistrate Court’s Courtroom Guidelines

Summary of Courtroom Guidelines Order

COVID-19 continues to bring change, and for your convenience we hope to help you stay informed -but can’t guarantee that our information is the latest! Please help us stay informed as well; please let us know if you find more up-to-date information than we have here!

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