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CURRENTLY BEING RE-ESTABLISHED BY ORDER IN INDIVIDUAL CASES where such may have been tolled in Judicial Emergency Order and/or extensions thereof. PRESUME THAT ALL FILING DEADLINES, DEFAULT DEADLINES, AND APPEAL DEADLINES ARE BACK TO NORMAL UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED. If any known legal or medical reasons exists for consideration of alternative means of meaningfully participating in resolving filed disputes, please make us aware of the need as soon as possible so that we can explore options, which may include continuing to toll deadlines, scheduling ZOOM conferences or hearings, or other appropriate arrangements under our current circumstances. Please indicate the need for special accommodations in your filings and/or Motions.


Supreme Court of Georgia
Jane Hansen, Public Information Officer
330 Capitol Ave, SE
Atlanta, Georgia 30334


     Atlanta, August 11, 2020 – For the fifth time since mid-March, Chief Justice Harold D. Melton has extended for another month the Statewide Judicial Emergency that he first announced March 14, 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

     “[R]ecognizing again that most in-court proceedings compel the attendance of various individuals rather than allowing them to decide how best to protect their own health, and further recognizing that the novel coronavirus continues to spread in Georgia, it is hereby determined that the Order should be extended again,” today’s order says. As previously, jury trial and most grand jury proceedings are still prohibited. However, the order issued by the Chief Justice makes clear that, “This broad prohibition cannot last too much longer, even if the pandemic continues, because the judicial system, and the criminal justice system in particular, must have some capacity to resolve cases by indictment and trial. Accordingly, the COVID-19 Task Force is focusing on how grand jury and jury trial proceedings could safely be conducted even where levels of COVID-19 are high, including the possibility of  conducting grand jury proceedings and jury selection remotely.” 

     Under state law, the Chief Justice is authorized to extend the emergency in 30-day increments, and this time it is extended until Thursday, Sept. 10, at 11:59 p.m. The provisions of today’s order are identical to the July 10 extension order that expires later today, with a few minor revisions. 
     “As has been the direction since the original Order, all Georgia courts must continue to conduct proceedings, remotely or in-person, in compliance with public health guidance, applicable statutes and court rules, and the requirements of the United States and Georgia Constitutions, including the public’s right of access to judicial proceedings and a criminal defendant’s rights to confrontation and an open courtroom,” today’s order says. “All courts should continue to use and increase the use of technology to conduct remote judicial proceedings as a safer alternative to in-
person proceedings, unless required by law to be in person or unless it is not practicable for technical or other reasons for persons participating in the proceeding to participate remotely.”
     As the order points out, Georgia courts have continued to perform “essential functions despite the pandemic. In an effort to return to more robust court operations, many of the deadlines imposed by law on litigants in civil and criminal cases that had been suspended, tolled, or extended since the initial March 14 Order were reimposed as of July 14, allowing more pending and newly filed cases to move forward in the judicial process.”

We are providing the following options to serve you:

  1. Online: You may file and pay online by visiting:  Note that there is a $15.00 convenience fee for using this service. If you need assistance with online filing during normal business hours, please call (770) 567-2004.  Should you need assistance with online filing outside of normal business hours, please call (678) 972-3457 and leave a message with your name, phone number, and the best time to return your call. 
  2. Mail or Drop Box: You may visit to access forms for filing.  Once you have completed your form, you may print it, have it notarized (if you are asserting a claim), and either mail it to our mailing address of P.O. Box 466, Zebulon, GA 30295, or drop it into our newly installed drop box next to the northwest corner of the Courthouse (across from the Sheriff’s Office). 
  3.  Public Law Library: If you do not have access to a computer, we have one for you to use on the 2nd floor of the Pike County Courthouse. Please bring and wear your own gloves and masks for your own safety. You may access our forms online in the Law Library, or take the form you need from the boxes to the right of the Magistrate Court Office door. From the Law Library, you may contact our clerk from the phone on the desk by dialing extension 207 with any questions you may have. There, you may print, copy, and/or scan your documents depending on your needs.  Please note that you must still have your form notarized if you are filing a claim.  Then, you may either mail your filing to our mailing address of P.O. Box 466, Zebulon, GA 30295, or drop it into our newly installed drop box next to the northwest corner of the Courthouse (across from the Sheriff’s Office). 
  4. In Person: Of course, you may wish to come in or have extenuating circumstances that make none of the above options feasible. We are here to serve! We recommend that you first call (770) 567-2004 and discuss options with our clerk. We do ask that you disclose if you have possible symptoms of any airborne contagious sickness or have been so exposed within the last three weeks, and highly recommend that you wear masks and gloves as we are working with, and in, the public.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Upon filing, your pleadings will be reviewed by a judge.  You may be contacted for further screening and scheduling of your case.  Until June 14, 2020, the Magistrate Court is only hearing what is deemed to be emergency matters. Emergency matters are defined as those that effect life and/or liberty. PLEASE LEAVE AMPLE CONTACT INFORMATION SO THAT WE MAY CONTACT YOU in multiple ways (phone, mail, text, fax, email) as soon as possible.

   We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  However, please know that we are taking these measures to protect you, your loved ones, and our community from the spread of COVID-19.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our clerks at (770) 567-2004. 

Our office is available to help as best we can via the following methods: 

Phone: (770) 567-2004

Fax: (770) 462-3319 

From the Law Library on the 2nd Floor of the Courthouse: Dial Extension 207

Email:  and Please note that we recommend sending emails to BOTH email addresses listed above. 

Again, we appreciate your cooperation and flexibility during this time. 



Welcome to Pike County Georgia Magistrate Court, … also known as “The People’s Court.”

We hope you find this website helpful as we have attempted to create it with our citizens’ needs in mind. These pages are offered as a convenience to you; and you are still welcome to come by, call or email the Clerk if you prefer a more personal service instead of, or in addition to, the information available in or through this site.

Please also keep in mind that our American form of government provides that the laws are created by the people and for the people. This is as it should be; and as a result, the laws are subject to change with each legislative session as the people speak through our elected legislators. This is also why you will find that from time to time “the way we’ve always done it” is no longer “the way we do it.” This is especially true in this unfamiliar time of COVID-19.

We thank you for your voice, and your patience, as we try to keep pace with the changes while continuing to provide the “checks and balances” required of an independent judiciary in maintaining a balanced government by the people and for the people.   


Marcia J. Callaway-Ingram, Chief Magistrate


Marcia Callaway-Ingram, 
Chief Magistrate
Judge Callaway-Ingram has been Chief Magistrate of Pike County since June 1, 2010. She is a graduate of Pike County High School, Gordon College, Georgia State University (1988) and Georgia State College of Law (1991);became a member of the Georgia State Bar in 1991 and began practicing law with the Zebulon based law firm of Hendrix & Smith; served as the founding Director of the Griffin Circuit Alternative Dispute Resolution Program (now the 6th Judicial District ADR Program); has served as a Special Assistant Attorney General for the Georgia Department of Human Resources; and managed a private general law practice prior to accepting the position as your Chief Magistrate. In addition to managing the judicial and administrative responsibilities of the Pike County Magistrate Court, your Chief Magistrate serves on the Pike County Child Abuse Protocol Committee, as a Director on the Board of the 6th Judicial District ADR Program, the Pike County Law Library Board, as the 6th Judicial District Representative on the Council of Magistrate Court Judges for the State of Georgia, and as a mentor for new Magistrates. 

 Daphne C. Martin, Magistrate
Judge Martin has served as a Pike County Magistrate since 2013, and began with this Court as Magistrate Clerk in 2011. Prior to joining us, Judge Martin has experience and on-the-job-training in various capacities in the legal field since 1983: as Judicial Assistant to the Chief Judge of the United States District Court for over eight years, as paralegal for Atlanta law firms for over 16 years, as a Court Reporter, and as a legal secretary. 

Carson Wynn, Clerk of Court

Clerk Wynn takes the lead as the Pike County Magistrate Court's Criminal Division Clerk, as well as primarily managing Garnishment filings and assisting with all other civil matters. Carson began with the Magistrate Court in 2016, though her service to Pike County has been a life-long endeavor. Carson enjoys her multi-generational family roots in Pike County, as well as branching out to examine both the old and new options of making our world a better place. She is a 2012 graduate of Pike County High School, a 2016 graduate of The University of Georgia, and a current student of Law at Georgia State University's College of Law. Along the way, Carson obtained a paralegal certification from the University of Georgia, served as a paralegal for a large Atlanta law firm, and served as Case Administrator for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. She serves in the Pike County Optimist Club, as well as on the Pike County Family Connections team.
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16001 Barnesville Street 
P.O. Box 466   
Zebulon, Georgia 30295 
Phone:  (770) 567-2004
UPDATED - Fax:  (770) 462-3319

Regular Office Hours:
 Monday through Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Closed for lunch daily from Noon - 1:00 p.m.

The Magistrate Court is now located in the Main Courthouse in downtown Zebulon, Georgia.
Holidays Observed & Office Closings
January 1 & 20, April 10, May 25, July 3, September 7,
November 11, 26 & 27, and December 24 & 25.

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